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We provide intensive translation and interpretation training programs in Los Angeles, CA.

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Are you looking for top-rated Korean translation and interpretation programs in Los Angeles? Then you have come to the right place. At Korean Interpreter School, we provide Korean language classes for all levels of students. Our goal is to equip you with the required skillsets for an exciting and rewarding career. Get in touch with us to find out more about our programs.


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Korean Interpreter School

Korean Interpreter School is a Korean translation agency and Korean interpreter school that offers a wide range of Korean translation services and Korean languages classes in Los Angeles and its surroundings. We provide English to Korean and Korean to English translation services by the court and medical-certified interpreters. Our translators and interpreters can quickly translate legal documents, business documents, medical documents, and many more.

With the best pool of Korean interpreters in Los Angeles, we guarantee the highest level of accuracy and fastest turnaround for our clients. Our translators are able to translate a wide variety of documents, including legal documents, family certificates, immigration documents, emails, graduation certificates, and many more.

We provide Korean language classes in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Atlanta, Austin, and many other parts of the United States. Get in touch with us to find an instructor near you.

Korean Language Training LA

Our Court and Medical Korean interpreter school offers the best Korean translation and interpretation programs throughout Los Angeles and the surrounding areas.

  • M.A. in Translation and Interpretation
    • Our headquarters in Los Angeles (CA) provides M.A. in translation and interpretation.
    • It is a two-year program that requires 72 credit hours of study.
    • You will be intensively trained in medical, court, and administrative hearing translation and interpretation.
    • This program will equip you to provide top-notch translation and interpretation services to clients.
    • This is a one-year certificate program in translation and interpretation.
    • The goal of this program is to prepare students to become certified by the State of California through 24 units of study.
    • Korean Interpreter School provides intensive language training in Chinese, Korean, Spanish, American, Japanese, and Arabic.
    • We have the State of California certified interpreters and translators.
    • Our certified interpreters are willing to provide customized language training for missionaries on Sabbatical.
    • We also provide language training for prospective missionaries.
    • Please get in touch with us to know more about our language training programs in Los Angeles.

Our Korean Translation and Interpretation Services

Here at Korean Interpreter School, we offer an extensive range of Korean translation services, including multilingual Korean translation, mortgage document translation, patent translation, Korean subtitling and transcription, and more. Whether you are looking for a Korean phone interpreter or a Korean interpreter escort in Los Angeles, you can count on us. We can also arrange a certified Korean interpreter in Seoul to meet your needs. Our Korean translators and interpreters are available for attorney-client meetings, depositions, trials, hospital visits, conferences, etc.

We can provide accurate Korean document translation of passports, birth certificates, academic transcripts and diplomas, medical records, contracts, power of attorney forms, corporate documents, and many more. Our services are accepted by U.S. government offices, foreign government and embassies, academic institutions, and medical boards. We also have reliable Korean translators who provide high-quality subtitling of movies, documentaries, commercials, corporate presentations, in-flight videos, etc. Please feel free to contact us directly if you want to learn more about our language training program or services.